New player on the scene: Gilat Satcom has Launched an ISP

Gilat Satcom has announced today that it has established an ISP in Uganda which is already providing fast, reliable and highly secure broadband services to more than 60 business clients, mainly around Kampala and Entebbe.

Gilat Satcom has a presence in over 30 African countries with a growing range of fiber routes in coastal and landlocked Africa. Gilat Satcom was one of the first companies in Africa to offer both non-stop East to West coast-to-coast and international connectivity. Its Pan-Africa satellite footprint allows its MPLS network to reach the most remote areas of the continent. Both its fiber and satellite networks connect to the WACS, EASSy and SEACOM undersea cables; Gilat Satcom is a shareholder in WIOCC which owns WACS.

Gilat Satcom has been operational in Africa for more than 15 years providing wholesale international connectivity to the continent’s communication service providers.  As part of its ongoing investment in Africa, Uganda is the third country in which Gilat Satcom has established a physical presence joining Nigeria and Ghana.

Gilat Telecom Uganda is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gilat Satcom, headquartered in Kampala. The company will be recruiting locally for a number of new positions.

The new ISP will deliver cost-effective communication capacity along with a wealth of value-added technologies and services to business clients over its extensive fiber and satellite links.  In particular, customers in Uganda will benefit from a range of new and innovative security measures which Gilat Satcom introduced earlier in the year to prevent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks which make websites and servers unavailable to legitimate users and block both local and international links.

Typically, organizations in Africa have security solutions on their own networks to stop cyber-attacks, however, this approach requires a significant CAPEX and OPEX investment – and most importantly, will not secure their international connectivity.

Gilat Satcom has integrated the latest technology which mitigates and prevents a service outage during DDoS attacks so that its customers’ international broadband service is unaffected by an attack and service continuity is ensured.

Gilat Telecom also provides advanced traffic management that enables its customers to control capacity usage cost-effectively by defining priorities by service and user.

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