Instagram is working on a feature to enable you to log into several accounts with just one username & password

Reports coming in have revealed that Instagram is working on a new that feature that will make it easy to manage multiple accounts.

The new feature will allow you to log into several accounts at once with just one username and password. According to the report, this will be through a feature called “App Linking” in the APK files of Instagram’s alpha version for Android. Based on information written in the code, it will give you a way to set a main account to rule over any other profile you might have. When you log into that particular account using its credentials, you’ll be logging into all the other accounts tied to it, as well.

This could be very useful tool if you have more than one profile. However, it can also be risky since someone can have access to all your accounts once they gain access to the main one.

The feature is still in its very early stages, though, so it’ll likely see more changes before it become public.