Flickr extends its deletion deadline. You now have until March 12th

Following a public outcry, Flickr has extended the deletion deadline for those who are not on pro membership. The company last year announced a new pricing plan where users would have to pay $50 for a Pro membership, or be limited to 1,000 images.

Those users who opted not to pay and who were over the limit would have those additional images deleted by February 5th.

The company was last year acquired by rival site SmugMug from Yahoo, saying it would leave it as a standalone community.

It was expected that on February 5th, those over-the-limit users who hadn’t upgraded and who hadn’t downloaded their archives would have their photos deleted, starting with their oldest ones. It was a serious downgrade from a service that previously offered up to 1TB of free storage.

According to SmugMug VP Scott Kinzie, users’ complaints prompted them to extend the deadline, as users who were working to download their archives just prior to the deadline ran into some roadblocks: they could only download 500 images at a time and faced slow downloads.