Excess SIM cards deactivated by Operators in Rwanda

Telecom operators in Rwanda have deactivated as per directive issued by the country’s industry regulator, the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA).

Subscribers are allowed to register a maximum three SIM cards to local networks against their national ID card and any extra lines were ordered to be deactivated.

According to RURA, this is necessary in order to limit the exploitation of subscribers’ digital identity.

However, some subscribers have complained saying that their service was deactivated despite having only one active line.

James Musinguzi, the Director of Technology Development at RURA Musinguzi that a SIM card was previously something used to communicate. Today it is not only an address, it is also a banking account.

“We want to make subscribers know their digital identity is out there inside the SIM cards. We are giving them an opportunity to know how many SIM cards are registered to your ID. If we don’t tackle it, in the future it can encourage digital identity theft,” he added.